About Us

Overhead Door™ is a leading provider of overhead and garage door systems. From residential garage doors to commercial overhead doors and openers, Overhead Door™ provides the solutions, service and support you need to ensure your home or business is safe and has reliable access everyday.

Locally owned and operated since 1958, we have been providing quality service to our community for well over half a century. By focusing on the needs of our customers and hiring talented employees at fair wages, we are able to provide the highest quality products and service to our customers. We guarantee satisfaction, and we work hard for our customers to earn it.

With local service in Sonoma County backed by a nationwide network of more than 450 authorized Overhead Door™ Distributors, Overhead Door™ stands at the ready to provide quality products and professional service.

No matter the situation, our committment to excellence is apparent. We strive to hold true to the following at all times, in everything we do:

  • Customers: It is our business to provide for the needs of our customers and to strive for 100% satisfaction, in our attitude and in spirit.
  • People: We recognize people as the core of our strength. That's why we encourage initiative from employees and provide opportunities for personal growth throughout the entire organization. Emphasizing balance and quality of life for all employees leads to better service for our customers.
  • Integrity: We strive to conduct ourselves as professionals, always doing what is right – with no exceptions.
  • Excellence: Our culture is one that focuses on continuous improvement – we are never satisifed and always strive for challenging goals.
  • Education: We encourage, support and provide a learning environment for our employees.
  • Communication: Create an atmosphere of open, consistent, two-way communication, both internally and with customers.
  • Teamwork: Together we achieve our common goals while providing an atmosphere of respect for customers and employees alike.
  • Execution: We carry out and fully put into effect our plans and commitments to customers.
  • Safety: We ensure the highest degree of safety for our partners and for our customers.
  • Quality: We never settle for anything less than the highest quality in anything we do.